What is Design Connections Healthcare?

Design Connections Healthcare is a strategic business forum for healthcare design professionals and manufacturers. It provides an opportunity to learn about the latest industry requirements for products and services, discuss the newest trends and products, hear from industry icons about the state of the industry and build important, lasting relationships with industry professionals on both sides of the aisle.

An invited audience of decision makers at the designer, specifier and end user levels will join leading suppliers of products, that’s you, designed specifically for the healthcare markets including senior living, assisted living, long-term care and hospital environments.

This group will be comprised of the leaders in today’s healthcare design marketplace.

Why is this event different from other healthcare design events?

Your customer no longer has to aimlessly wander the halls of a trade show to find you. You have pre-arranged meetings with that potential customer and before your meeting you know who they are, and what their needs are. During your private meetings, pre-arranged by Design Connections, you can learn about, and sometimes modify products to fit that client’s needs.

Whereas a trade show enables an exchange of cards and promises of literature to follow, Design Connections provides an active, working platform of informative meetings that both sponsors and attendees are invited to attend, providing both groups with the newest critical learning, industry changes and mandates as well as providing valuable relationship building and serious buying opportunities. It’s the ultimate collaborative, custom made event.

Design Connections is the only hosted match program that connects you with other designers, end users and manufacturers from the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

Sponsors will meet with the leaders of IIDA, AAHID and IDC in an intimate, luxury environment designed for relationship building, productive business meetings and improving your company’s bottom line.

What are the main benefits of being a Sponsor at Design Connections Healthcare?

  • No designing and putting up a booth, sending 4-6 people to man the booth or paying for drayage
  • You will have the equivalent of 30 lunch and learns within two days with people who actually make the decisions on buying products. This saves you at least 30 round trip visits to design firms where many times the room is filled with junior designers who do not make the final decisions
  • The professional who meets with you wants to see you and learn about your products
  • You will meet with key decision makers for buying in the senior living, assisted living and long-term care facilities markets
  • Design Connections brings a network of industry professionals together for CEU learning sessions that sponsors are invited to attend and that most sponsors never get to experience
  • In some cases, sponsors to Design Connections have asked attendees to provide feedback on new products still in R&D—you have one more chance to refine the next best thing!

As a sponsor, you have guaranteed one-on-one time with highly targeted and pre-qualified educational facility decision makers. Our “1:1 Meeting-Boardroom” approach creates results at a fraction of the cost compared to attending a large industry trade event or traditional conference.

  • PRE-SCHEDULED 1:1 MEETINGS with attending educational facility design professionals are the ideal way to drive sales and solidify partnerships. Sponsors schedule meetings beginning 3-4 weeks before the event through our online scheduling system, as well as on site.
  • PRIVATE BOARDROOM PRESENTATIONS with rotating groups of 12-15 designers and end-users in the process of reviewing products and solutions.
  • ADDITIONAL NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES including: receptions, breakfasts and luncheons, peer exchange sessions, and social events and exchanges.
    KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS AND PANELS in-depth presentations and panels discussing the state of the industry, the latest industry requirements for products and services and the newest trends.

We have created an exclusive forum where buyers and sellers can come together, in an environment facilitated by experts, to share their experiences, needs, products and services.

Of course it’s a world-class venue with comfort, food and networking that is first class and offering refined personal service. It’s the perfect place to develop meaningful relationships with key decision makers at the designer, specifier and end user levels in the market. Best yet, the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is easily accessible from Jacksonville airport.